Jewelry Recondition

Have a beautiful piece that was inherited?
Mom's diamond ring or Grandmother's diamond necklace?

BENJAMIN & CO. specialize in helping people with their jewelry concerns. We concentrate on one area of the jewelry industry, in providing the best service for each customer to restore and repair their fine pieces.

+ Recondition of all type of metals, gold, platinum, silver, titanium, vermeil & stainless steel

+ Fix pits in finished work                                              + Build-up channels and prongs

+ Fix Porosity (minor cases)                                         + Replace pearl clasp

+ Polishing & Steaming                                                + Re-tipping & Rhodium Plating

+ Solder diamond bracelets, diamond necklaces, diamond earrings, diamond rings & eternity bands

+ Inspect, clean, polish (take-off scratches from stainless steel or gold) and restore brand name watches

Sample of Reconditioned Diamond Ring 
Scope of work included taking-off (11) marquize diamonds, build-up channels and prongs, set diamonds and polishing. 


BENJAMIN&CO. OFFERS CUSTOM DESIGN FINE JEWELRY WITH ANY METAL, ANY DIAMONDS, ANY SIZE, & ANY PRICE!!               Contact store for more details 949.709.2070