The Art of Inspiration.

Did you know?

Benjamin & Co. offers custom design fine jewelry with any metal, any diamonds, any size, & any price.

Custom Design Process.

We welcome you to share Benjamin & Co. passion for our custom jewelry collection, where we custom make some of the world’s most distinguished jewelry.

We begin the process with a consultation session – to start your design at our store (contact store for information 949.709.2070).


After looking over examples of what you like from our collection, your own idea and sketches, or any other source of inspiration, we will sketch your One-of-a Kind piece and/or create 3D cad concept for your approval.

Casting & Fabrication.

Prior to start the casting process, we create a wax model (if requested). We cast all our pieces in our manufacture facility in California with all types of fine metals. We use First-class casting quality, High-tech casting machines and laser welding yields unparalleled results.

Finishes & Detailing.

Benjamin & Co’s. craftsmen offer different techniques in this stage of the process. We hand set our stones with quality care and old-world craftsmanship. Hand engraving is the next stage with the art of filigree. This stage is the true hallmark of our custom design. The production final stage includes adding texture (if requested) and mil-graining.

We check all the design details to ensure all instructions have been meticulously followed, the design is well executed, and all craftsmanship is top quality.